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Connectify Inc.
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ส.ค. 08, 2564
Speedify - Bonding VPN - A reliable VPN helper that not only accesses your favorite websites but also protects your data from encryption. The app also supports speeds in excess of 100 MB / s. Use the Internet anonymously and open access to your favorite websites, social networks and apps. In addition, Speedify supports the unique technology of "linking", the simultaneous use of your mobile network and WLN. This technology makes downloading, sending, and streaming faster and more convenient. Get started and discover the benefits of Speedify.
Work Run other applications faster in the background without affecting your work.
 Connections Easy transition between connections - If you're out of Wi-Fi range, speed will be switched to the cellular network immediately.
 Server Speed ​​Server Availability - Fast work with all countries in the world, connect to servers automatically or select them manually.
 Wid Speed ​​Widget Availability - Use the widget to quickly connect to your main screen.
• Wi-Fi Security - The app monitors and reminds you of an active, insecure network you want to connect to.

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