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ऐप द्वारा:
Frozen Gun Games
2.0.9 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
संशोधित किया गया:
मई 21, 2022

Freeze Mod Apk Unlocked The original version of Freeze is a beautiful arcade and cerebral game that was available free on the Android Market from the Frozen Gun Games studio. In this physics-based mind game and puzzle, you must follow the principles of physics. Game features Retina visuals, a gaming center, and an original design. The goal of this game is to guide the hero who has been trapped by darkness to the light. As you progress through the levels, the game becomes increasingly challenging, and you will be challenged for hours. A notable feature of this game is that it won the European Indie Award in 2013. All of the (worlds) are opened and unlocked in the directory you download.

Did you ever wish to record a slow-motion video with your Android phone but your camera software didn't support it? Is it possible that your Android phone does not allow you to record slow-motion videos? Time Freeze Mod Apk allows you to edit your films in slow motion.

You can change the pace of your camera's recordings with Time Freeze Mod Apk, a unique video editing programme. Using complex video processing techniques, videos are converted from 30 frames per second to 120 or even 240 frames per second, resulting in incredibly accurate slow-motion videos. Using the software, it is easy to convert high-speed videos into regular videos at 30 or 24 frames per second.

How does Freeze Mod APK work?

Leading smartphones today have cameras that are comparable to those in DSLRs. Slow-motion films are one of the most exciting features of a phone these days. Slow-motion effects can make even the most boring movie more enjoyable to watch while also presenting a unique viewing experience. As a result, you'll need an editor that supports Slo-mo effects if you don't have an Android flagship smartphone but still want to watch and produce slow-motion videos.

One of the most popular slow-motion and video camera apps for Android is Time Freeze. Not only can you capture slow motion video with this tool, but you can also convert current movies to slow motion.

The app is really easy to use. When you first launch the software and press the "Start Slow Motion" button, it will ask you whether you want to capture a slow-motion video or convert one that already exists.

Freeze Mod APK features

  • In numerous planets, there are 100 levels of difficulty.
  • A total of 15 bonus levels must be completed by the player.
  • There are both touch and visual controllers.
  • There are numerous traps and hurdles to overcome.
  • Carl Lucas, sometimes known as the Trance Master, has composed some fantastically sad music.
  • Google Plus and Google Play are also available.

This game, which won an award for best casual style game, asks you to turn your phone in order to guide the protagonist, who has been snatched by darkness, to the light. The game is simple to pick up, but it will keep you entertained for so long that you will lose count of time.

The game becomes increasingly challenging, and you'll be tested for hours! Play In Gears, you must fulfil numerous objectives in order to continue through the stages; nonetheless, if we're talking about the gameplay, it's worth noting that the game's incredibly gorgeous music and superb HD environments will undoubtedly wow you.

Key Features 

  • support for multiple audio channels.
  • Stores recently saved lists and continue playback from last saved location.
  • You can drag the time slider to a specific location when searching for a specific location.
  • You can make custom groups to organize quickly.
  • We support playlists with embedded groups.
  • Find items in a playlist quickly.
  • We are ad-free.
  • Start the application while the device is booting, useful for set-top boxes.
  • Auto-play for the last channel.
  • An extended playlist history is available.

How to download and Install Freeze Mod APK

Installing an app using an APK file other than the Google Play Store requires that the Android phone settings allow third-party apps to be installed. You can view it from the "Security" tab or the Setting menu. Usually, this option states to install from unknown sources or to allow third-party installations. The latest Android versions, however, are a bit different. Step-by-step instructions for installing the application are provided below.

Installing it on your phone will require you to allow third-party apps on your device.

To allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources.

There are some differences in the newer versions of Android. As opposed to checking a global setting to allow installation from unknown sources, you'll be asked to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs the first time you do it.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of downloading APK directly?


  • You can download any version of the app directly from third-party websites. They may have app archives of most versions and you can download the one you may need.
  • Downloading is instant unlike the play store, no need to wait for the verifcation process, etc.
  • You will have a APK file in your memory card/system memory once you download it. So you can uninstall and re-install as many as times without needing to download.


  • Downloading apps from third-party sources usually are not verified by Google. So can be harmful to your phone.
  • APK files can have viruses that will steal data from your phone or corrupt your phone.
  • Your apps will not be updated automatically as Google play store usually doesn't have access to it.


As you will discover everything in various classes, the application is incredibly well-organized. This will save you a lot of time. Additionally, you will have plenty of different options in this application. Thus, you will have a totally unique and significant involvement in it. With active internet, you will have access to your favorite channels on your mobile phone. Hence, Download Freeze Mod APK Know and enjoy watching your favorite shows via mobile phones and the internet. 

क्या आप Freeze Mod APK द्वारा पर्याप्त रूप से मनोरंजन और खुश नहीं हैं? फिर शायद वेब पर अन्य ऐप्स का अनुसरण करने का समय आ गया है जो सामग्री बनाने में माहिर हैं जो थोड़ा नीरस है लेकिन सभी और विविध से लगने में सक्षम है। हम Bike Tapper MOD APK, Bike Tapper APK, CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD APK, Poco Tiger APK, Official RIZEYT Mod APK, जैसे ऐप के बारे में बात कर रहे हैं |

Freeze Mod APK APK Android के लिए Frozen Gun Games द्वारा निर्मित सबसे लोकप्रिय संचार ऐप में से एक है। इसमें कुछ उन्नत सुविधाओं का उपयोग करना आसान है। यह एक अच्छा मुफ्त ऐप है और निश्चित रूप से आपके फोन पर होने लायक है।

Freeze Mod APK का नवीनतम संस्करण 2.0.9 है, आप सीधे पर Freeze Mod APK 2.0.9 डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। उपयोगकर्ताओं को औसत पर Freeze Mod APK ऐप डाउनलोड के बारे में द्वारा 5 के औसत । इस ऐप / गेम को अभी 10,00,000 से अधिक लोग खेल रहे हैं।

हम Android फोन के नवीनतम संस्करण के लिए मुफ्त Freeze Mod APK APK प्रदान करते हैं। आप बस एक क्लिक पर Freeze Mod APK ऐप मुफ्त डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। Google Play Store पर इसे 10 मिलियन से अधिक डाउनलोड किया गया है।

Freeze Mod APK apk फ़ाइल डाउनलोड करें और फ़ाइल प्रबंधक का उपयोग करके इंस्टॉल करें। आपको किसी भी प्रकार के लॉगिन या पंजीकरण की आवश्यकता नहीं है।

यदि स्थापना प्रारंभ नहीं होती है, तो फ़ोन सेटिंग में अज्ञात स्रोतों से एप्लिकेशन डेटा की स्थापना सक्षम करें।

Freeze Mod APK ने मैलवेयर, वायरस और अन्य दुर्भावनापूर्ण हमलों के खिलाफ सुरक्षा परीक्षण पास किया है और इसमें कोई खतरा नहीं है। एंड्रॉइड डिवाइसों के लिए मॉड एप्स, ओबीबी डेटा, बेहतरीन एप्स और गेम्स कलेक्शन मुफ्त में उपलब्ध कराता है। आपको बस पर जाकर इच्छा एप्स की तलाश करनी होगी या गेम को डाउनलोड बटन पर क्लिक करना होगा और आनंद लेना होगा।