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Evertale APK is a well-known role-playing mobile game made by ZigZaGame. It can be downloaded on Android devices and gives players a more realistic game experience.

The role-playing mobile game Evertale APK was made by ZigZaGame. The story takes place in Erdenbrooke, and players go on an adventure to become heroes, explorers, and even legends. Evertale has captivated players all over the world with its captivating gameplay and stunning images.

Evertale Apk for Android Latest Version Details

File NameEvertale
Size59.3 MB
DeveloperZigZaGame Inc.
Requires5.1 and up
Rating4.5 stars


Explore the world of Erdenbrooke Players take on the roles of heroes and go on a journey through Erdenbrooke, a magical and lively place. As they move forward, they come across different landscapes, from dense woods to mountains covered in snow. Each area has its tasks and challenges, which keep players interested.

Find and train a group of strong allies One of the best things about Evertale is that you can find and train a group of allies. Dragons, unicorns, elves, and other animals can be found and hired by players to join their party. Each ally has their skills, personality, and powers, which makes your team stronger and more interesting.

Make strong weapons and armor Players must find and gather materials to make strong weapons and armor in Erdenbrooke to improve their characters’ skills and stay alive. They can get new weapons and armor sets by combining materials, which gives them an advantage in a fight.

Battle in exciting battles As players travel, they will meet many enemies and bosses. In Evertale, battles happen quickly and strategically, so players have to carefully control the skills of their team. People can use strong spells and powers and also benefit from the skills of their allies.

Take over more land As you play, you can take over more land by protecting and capturing strongholds. Players can explore these strongholds to find more supplies, buffs, and challenges. By making their territory bigger, players can get access to more quests, new friends, and items.

The plot thickens Evertale has an interesting plot that gets deeper as players go through the game. Players meet different people, find out secrets, and experience Erdenbrooke’s epic story. Cutscenes, conversations, and quests tell the story, which keeps players interested.


Beautiful pictures

The world of the game looks amazing thanks to its stunning 3D images. The care that went into the details is impressive and makes the game even more fun to play.

Interesting plot

The story in Evertale APK is very interesting and will keep you playing the whole time. You’ll go on an adventure to figure out what’s going on in the fantasy world, meet new people, and face new tasks along the way.

Gameplay with Strategy

Evertale APK is a strategy game where you have to carefully plan your moves and make choices. You will have to keep track of your resources, build your team, and fight tough bosses.

Customizing the character

One of the best things about Evertale APK is that you can change how your characters look. You can make your character by picking from different classes and changing how they look and what they can do.

The Guild System

There is a guild system in Evertale APK that lets you join forces with other players to reach shared goals. You can talk to other players, trade things, and take part in guild events to make the game more fun.

Everyday Events and Quests

Evertale APK has daily tasks and events that give players extra rewards and challenges to keep them interested. These quests will help you move forward in the game and get to new stuff.


In conclusion, Evertale APK is a fantastic role-playing mobile game with amazing graphics, a compelling story, and fun gameplay. It’s sure to keep you hooked for hours on end with all of its features and regular changes. That being said, if you like role-playing games, you should try Evertale APK.

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