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CarX Technologies developed CarX Street APK, a popular racing game. It offers an immersive and visually stunning experience for players who are passionate about cars. With a wide range of customization options and a challenging career mode, CarX Street APK keeps players engaged for hours on end.

CarX Street Apk for Android Latest Version Details

File Name CarX Street
Version 1.1.1
Size 1.17 GB
Developer CarX Technologies, LLC
Rating 4.5 stars
Requires 9 and up


In CarX Street APK, players take the wheel of their dream cars and race through various tracks around the world. The game offers realistic physics and realistic vehicle handling, providing an exhilarating experience. Players can customize the appearance and performance of their cars, adding a personal touch to their driving experience.

In CarX Street APK, players can choose from a wide range of cars and customize them to suit their preferences. They can modify the appearance, performance, and handling characteristics of their vehicles. The game offers various racing modes, including drag races, circuit races, and dirt track races.

Players can also participate in multiplayer modes and challenge friends or other players online. The game features realistic traffic conditions, with AI-controlled cars driving along the same tracks as the player. This adds an element of strategy and unpredictability to the gameplay.

CarX Street APK features stunning graphics and realistic sound effects that bring the game to life. The game’s realistic car models, detailed environments, and dynamic weather effects create an immersive racing experience. The developers have also paid attention to the audio, with realistic engine sounds and immersive music adding to the overall experience.


Realistic Graphics:-

CarX Street APK boasts stunning 3D graphics that bring the game to life. The highly detailed environments and realistic car models create a realistic racing atmosphere.

Car Customization:-

Players have the freedom to customize the appearance and performance of their cars. They can select from different paint jobs, rims, body kits, and engines to create a car that reflects their unique style.

Career Mode:-

CarX Street APK offers a robust career mode where players can progress through various levels and challenges. They can earn money, unlock new cars, and unlock new tracks as they complete races and achievements.

Multiplayer Mode:-

Players can race against friends or random opponents in multiplayer mode. This adds an element of competition and adds to the replayability factor of the game.

Realistic Physics:-

CarX Street APK features realistic physics, which contributes to a realistic racing experience. Players have to adjust their driving style based on the track conditions and weather conditions.

Challenging AI Opponents:

The game offers challenging AI opponents that push players to improve their skills and timing. Players can also compete in time trials and multiplayer races against other players worldwide.

Online Leaderboards:-

CarX Street APK features an online leaderboard where players can test their skills against the best players worldwide. They can compare their achievements and strive to reach the top rankings.


CarX Street APK is a visually stunning and addictive racing game that offers players hours of enjoyment. With its realistic graphics, customization options, challenging career mode, multiplayer mode, and realistic physics, CarX Street APK is a must-try for racing enthusiasts.

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